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From April 25 to May 1, 2023.

Welcome if you want to stay until May 3rd for the dismantling!


In St-Julien-en-Beauchêne (05140) in the Hautes-Alpes.


Classic rate: 500 €.
Support rate: 600 €.
Alumni: 450 €.
Less than 18 years old: 150 €.
+ membership fee: 50 €.


Here is a small overview of the program of this spring edition, which should still be filled with beautiful proposals (children’s workshops, night of the stars, autonomous health, archery or tree climbing …)

Wild basketry and ancestral arts hut

Braiding of small objects, useful or not, with awareness of the movement and resistance of materials.
We can go to collect some touches of materials but the season is not very favourable. I will come with the necessary material.

Marion Roffino

Dance landscape

The “dance landscape” workshop is an invitation to use the exterior and interior landscapes to move. We will open our senses and our eyes through our bodies. Lucile will introduce tools from contact dance to feel our weight, share it with trees, the ground, rocks, others, and develop different touches. We will experience a first time guided by Lucile to connect and initiate our creativities. We will then dive with the group into a collective improvisation, with humans and the living.
Everyone will be able to live this journey by transforming themselves into an overexcited acrobatic animal, a calm and inflexible mineral or any other state that your madness can bring out.

Fetch the spoon hidden in the branch

Thanks to your hands and some tools I will accompany you to make emerge from a “piece of wood” an ancestral object which is the wooden spoon.
We will start by going to meet the raw material, then a few thousand shavings and perhaps a few small cuts later, with the help of a hatchet, a knife and a tool for digging, you will go to seek, in patience, endurance and presence, this volume hidden in the branch which will become a daily utensil.

Rémy Chazeau
Amandine Santos

Medicinal plants

This workshop aims to approach some phytotherapeutic principles. Through the recognition of some medicinal plants present in our environment, we can alleviate some of our daily ills by renewing a broader understanding of our biological balance. The plant totum echoes the infinitely subtle rhythms of our body. In this workshop we will discuss some ways to identify and understand them in order to open the healing process.

Pathosophy and its 3 muses

I propose that suffering, in itself inevitable, contains a most precious raw material, a source material (prima materia) that can be transformed into remedies for us and for the living world (anima mundi).

Pathosophy is the wisdom born of suffering. She does not come alone. She is accompanied by her three muses: the artist, the alchemist and the medicine person in all of us who help transform suffering into remedies.

We invite the three muses of pathosophy to co-create artistic, alchemical and medicinal remedies for the living world of now and future generations.

Azul Thomé
Maroussia Berenguer

Dreams of stars

Silence… The Sun sets, the belt of Venus seems to embrace the Earth with its pinkish color. When the darkness sets in, the sky sparkles. Let us turn our gaze towards space, the stars and the stars speak to us in light of our Origins. We are stardust.

Let’s learn to recognize them, to name them, to know them… Let’s co~nite together through the beauty of the starry sky. In the evening, after a meal with the colors of the world, plants and wild flowers, let’s turn our gaze towards the origin of Life.

Writing in poetry. Come, come with me. Together, let us co~nite with the stars. Because we are stardust.

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