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The Meeting of Dreams

Find your place within the Living

Our ecological approach aims to find ways to interact harmoniously, artistically and collectively with the living. We explore human rewilding (
Human Rewilding
) which is inspired by ancestral wisdoms so that we can find our place in nature. With several years of experience with many specialized speakers, we accompany you on a sensitive and creative path of ecological and social transition. We offer training and immersive wilderness courses based on three main pillars: technique, arts and tribe.

Our approach


Recovering the Vital Momentum and the Wild Spirit


Learning of techniques, wisdom and ancestral knowledge

  • Medicinal and edible plants
  • Techniques for autonomy in the forest
  • Fire by friction and percussion
  • Tracking
  • Pottery
  • Forge
  • Basketry and weaving
  • Wood and flint


Rituals, moments of sharing and tools for shared governance

  • Human Permaculture
  • Rituals related to the cycles of life
  • Rites of passage
  • Holacratic Circle
  • Self-managed laboratories
  • Awareness of social constructions
  • Active listening and empathic communication
  • Opening and closing ceremonies


Sensory and creative exploration of internal and external nature

  • Deep ecology and ecopsychology
  • Model 8 Shields (Jon Young)
  • Work that connects (Joanna Macy)
  • Spontaneous singing and body percussion
  • Exploration of various states of consciousness
  • Storytelling, dreams and poetry
  • Animal movement and folk dance
  • Introspection, meditation and breathing


One of the highlights of my year. This was my first time experiencing a wilderness and shared governance course. It was a great experience of empowerment. In a caring environment, I felt totally free to embody what I wanted. I came out of this internship more fulfilled than ever.

A very rich week of learning and life experiences. Wonderful encounters – a moment out of time and space. I went there to learn primitive techniques, to live in a camp, to light a fire, to make knots, to recognize wild plants. And beyond all that, the human adventure was the most important! I came out of this experience a better person.

This wilderness course was a formative and transformative experience for my 13, 9 and 6 year old children. They were treated as equals by the adults, learned crucial skills and gained a great deal of confidence. Their individual talents were not only allowed to shine, but were supported, amplified and embellished by all REVES participants.

I felt a lot ofopenness,tolerance and caring in a structured, containing and coherentframework. I really enjoyed the tribe dynamic that was offered: it was organic, lively and moving. The diversity of the content, whether it was the Sit Spot, the intensives or the large talking circles was very rich! The Meeting really touched me.

A very beautiful proposal to decondition and discover oneself, to contact one’s wild side and to free oneself from one’s domesticated side. A secure framework in which sovereignty, autonomy, creativity and poetry can unfold in the service of transition and collective consciousness. In short, a dream that contributes to awakening.

This course gave pride of place to soft skills versus hard skills, which to my knowledge was a remarkable novelty in the field of primitive life courses in France and an exciting prospect for the European human rewilding movement.


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