The spring edition of REVES offers an original format:
two wild immersions in a small tribe (between 10 and 20 people) in a forest of Haut-Diois (Drôme).
The first one will take place from April 19 to 23, and the second from April 25 to May 1.
They will be supervised by Mika from REVES and other accompanying persons.


We will spend a few days and nights in a tribe in the forest, exploring the wildlife together in a gentle and connected way. After a few days in a fixed camp, we will leave for a bivouac to experience the life of an itinerant tribe.

Throughout the day, we will alternate between moments of transmission, moments of camp life (fetching wood, water, gathering, cooking…) and moments of collective or personal exploration.


April 19 to 23, 2023
from April 25 to May 1, 2023


Haut Diois (26)


Adult rate : 400 €.
Speaker’s fee: 200 €.
Youth rate (under 16 years old): 150 €.
+ membership fee (50 €)


On the menu of this immersion: technical know-how (setting up a camp, knots, orientation, ancestral fire, edible and medicinal wild plants), body and space awareness (body awakening, skill games, animal movements…), sensitive approach (sensory tools, principles of connection, inner listening, meditation…).

But also: exploration of a wild forest at the foot of the Vercors, daily life in Tribe, gathering, cooking on the fire, shared joy around the fire, walking in the mountains, observation of the stars, contemplation…
Play, wonder, learning, and a beautiful human adventure. Come learn, play and re-wild with us!


For any practical information, you can contact Mika by SMS at 07 83 94 83 93.
See you in the woods!

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