Our dream

Between rewilding and reenchantment

Our goal is to explore various ways of living and interacting harmoniously and artistically with the living. The living includes our sentient being, other human beings and all other forms of “nature” to which we are connected.

Believing in the fertility of a dialogue between myths and sciences as well as between primitive and emerging technologies, we do not wish to idealize the root peoples nor demonize our civilization. However, in the face of the environmental and social turmoil we face, we feel we have much to rediscover from ancient wisdoms and much to deconstruct from our modern industrial western culture.

We are moving towards a new type of ferality. Ferality is the return of a domesticated species to the wild. The word wild is etymologically silvaticus meaning related to the forest. It is opposed to domestic, from domus, the house. By rebuilding a home in the forest, we seek to combine the wild with the domestic.

We start from the body in order to reappropriate our intuition and our imagination, which are too often restricted by our acculturation. Exploring the arts, both visible and invisible, is an inherent part of our rewilding adventure.

It is collectively, in a spirit of mutual aid and adelphity, that we travel this holistic reconnection to the living. The framework of our internships is designed to promote collaboration and co-creation. We want to reconstitute communities, clans and tribes.

It is not simply a matter of acquiring a better knowledge of living things or simple survival skills; it is a matter of prefiguring life in ourselves and in creative symbiosis with the ecosystems we inhabit.

This is how we aspire to live our DREAMS and as this acronym indicates, to Regain the Vital Momentum and the Wild Spirit.

Join us. Let’s dream together.

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