Mikaël Doulson-Alberca

Mika explores the
Way of the Wild
and accompanies people on their own path of rewilding.

After working as a political journalist, Mika seeks to reconnect with the living, the first gestures and ancestral wisdom. With mentors such as Kim Pasche or Lynx Vilden, he dives heart and soul into the wilderness and experiences life in the woods as a tribe. He is passionate about the world of plants, prehistoric and medieval crafts and other self-sufficiency techniques in the forest.

Mika also explores the path of inner deconditioning, the material stripping that leads to the joy of the present moment, the sensory and sensitive connection with the forest, the dialogue with the worlds of the invisible, and many other practices that are all facets of rewilding.

Mika is adept at various folk and contemporary dances as well as martial arts such as capoeira or tuishou.

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Dr. Swan Alyon

Swan is a doctor of philosophy and transpersonal artist. He is trained in physical theater at the École Jacques Lecoq and certified in tantra, yoga and pranayama. He wrote his thesis at Cambridge University on individual and collective transformation.

Swan has completed an 8 Shields Eco-Mentoring program with the Coyote program in Canada and a Human and Social Permaculture program with Alvéoles University.

Swan opens spaces to find more wonder, awareness and connection, seeking to rediscover the beauty of our shared human animality. He has led over 300 workshops, seminars and trainings in a dozen countries on three continents.

Swan is the founder of InterActive Meditation and the Festival of Devotional Arts.

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Festival of Devotional Arts

Myriam Garouachi

Myriam is an art therapist and certified family systemic constellation facilitator. She also organizes workshops of dance of the breaths between Berry and Auvergne.

Guided by an insatiable curiosity and an intense need to perceive the fabric that underlies the universe, she has wandered between crafts and therapies as well as between art and spirituality. His work today deals with the link to oneself and to the environment as well as the emancipation of consciousness and bodies.

Myriam weaves the worlds together and has contributed greatly to the manifestation of the REVES, especially in terms of communication and care for the participants.

Anne-Claire Guellec

Annae is a creator of the natural world and a companion of dreams.

Annae creates the person she dreams of being, the life she wants, the world she aspires to.

And she accompanies those who, like her, dream of giving meaning to their lives, of rediscovering their true nature, of being themselves, of inhabiting their bodies, of living in authentic relationships, of doing things together and remaking them together, of changing the world, starting with oneself. She guides them in their inner, relational, collective and territorial dreams towards more meaning, authenticity and nature. After a career in advising elected officials, she is still accompanying territories towards greater resilience.

She is a certified Coach&Team© change coach, trained in Organic Governance, reveals herself through contact improvisation dance, practices intuitive touch, and adopts the most natural lifestyle possible.

Annae, alias Cosmos or Cascade, took over from Myriam for the communication and the relationship with the participants of the Dream Meeting.

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