To make DREAMS come true

La Rencontre des REVES is a non-profit, non-subsidized association with no religious or political affiliations.

We work for the rewilding and reenchantment of humanity so that each and everyone can find, at his or her own pace, his or her place in nature. We propose for this purpose workshops of connection to the living combining arts and techniques during which we compose intergenerational tribes and transmit tools of shared governance.

Our team gives a lot to carry this project and its vision. In order for us to continue to dream together, we need resources that we do not have at this time.

We need your help to perpetuate the structure and to deploy our projects: consolidate the team, stabilize the place of reception by the creation of a wild village, weave and increase the tribe, propose a store of artisanal objects and services related to the ancestral know-how… while supporting the access of the training courses to the greatest number and in particular to the children and the people with little means.

Support us financially

The annual fee

The annual fee is set at 50 € for the year 2023. It is mandatory for any participation in a REVES event. As a member of the association, you benefit from the association’s insurance in case of accident.

What the fee allows:

  • to support the structure costs. Searching for places, speakers, cooks, equipment, financing, administration, communication, relations with the tribe, coordination, transmission of skills… require today 1.5 full time equivalents.


At any time, you can make a one-time or regular donation to the association to support our WISHES.

What donations make possible:

  • to perpetuate the structure and the activity
  • develop our WISHES.

The classic rate

By participating in a REVES event, you live a unique experience of reconnection with the living, you acquire skills in the arts and techniques of wild life and you relearn how to live together.

What the classic rate allows:

  • the financing of the event: renting of the place, material, food, remuneration of the organizing and cooking team, expenses and participation of the professional speakers, administrative and communication expenses…
  • family participation (low rates for children under 18)

The support rate

By and for the generous donors

What the support rate allows:

  • to provide a scholarship to a person who does not have an income so that he or she can participate in the event;
  • to perpetuate the activity and develop the projects of the REVES

The youth rate

So that this wild adventure can be lived in family and that the children live the nature from their youngest age…

What the youth rate allows:

  • reduce the cost to families
  • cover the costs related to their participation: renting the place and the equipment, food, remuneration of the kitchen team…

Human and logistical support


Join the Dream Team

How you can contribute:

vision, search for funding, administration, help with statutes, communication, logistical help…


Offer your skills

How you can contribute:

proposal of a place in the forest, wild cooking, animation of a workshop, photo or video coverage of an event… Surprise us!


Making connections

How you can contribute:

word of mouth, social networks (transfer of publications, likes…), transmission of the newsletter to your network, smoke signals, suggestions, setting up and dismantling the camp, participation in the collective life, proposal of labs…

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