Rémy Chazeau

When I was “little” I wanted to be a woodcarver! And it was at the age of 26, as a self-taught person, that I really started making chips. My first carved objects were spoons and jewelry. Since the beginning, I love making spoons, in a dozen years, I have made hundreds of them in many different types of wood… A visceral passion that I cannot explain rationally!
Otherwise, my path is marked out among other things: engineering studies, a passion for plants and wood, agricultural work, a diploma of mountain guide, travels by hitchhiking or with a donkey, activities as a grinder, leatherworker, sculptor, carpenter, a course of tantra, a training as a therapist …

Fetch the spoon hidden in the branch

Thanks to your hands and some tools, I will accompany you to make emerge from a “piece of wood” an ancestral object which is the wooden spoon.
We will start by going to meet the raw material, then a few thousand chips and maybe a few small cuts later, with the help of a hatchet, a knife and a tool for digging, you will go and look for, in patience, endurance and presence, this volume hidden in the branch that will become an everyday utensil.