New for Clowner

This troupe was born from the meeting of Florie, Titi, Claire and Sonia on a sacred clown course led by Nicolas Ottenheimer in the Drôme. Since then, they have worked together in this exciting practice! The clown quickly appeared to them as the indispensable archetype at the heart of our artistic and therapeutic paths. They have created a laboratory for clowning experimentation within our community. During their workshops, the clown explores, in solo or duo, this sensitive zone where playfulness and depths come together. To challenge oneself, to surprise oneself, to leave the way free to all the dazzling, leads slowly to a liberating acceptance of all our parts.

Wild clown

Where is the Savage in you?

Your guts, your traps,

In the movement of your clown who dances with the living?

Will you come?

To find lost memories, in your exposure, in your exposure,

Taste the animal instinct of a dragonfly in the sun, or a hungry lion?

In this workshop, we will suggest that you summon the wild clown that lives inside you.

To open, in the course of explorations and improvisations (corporal, vocal and others) the doors which sometimes want to contain the untamed. The clown carries within him a wild archetype, the thirst for life, the one who transgresses without necessarily wanting to, the naive, the child, the poet who sees the beauty in the rusty nail! In the Dreams we are happy to go even deeper into the wildness of the clown. Dare to let the storm, the silence, the elements and the playful spirits come through you. It’s an invitation to let go of all your primitive palette, from your fertile humus to the roots of the sky.