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Holistic Wildlife Training

– A sensitive approach to the connection to the living

– An invitation to venture out of your comfort zone

– Days punctuated by workshops, circles and rituals

– An inclusive, secure and caring environment

Trainers & Workshops

Mikaël Doulson Alberca

Technical support

Tools for autonomy in the forest

“Stripping down to better orient yourself”

Mika is a coach and rewilding explorer. After working as a political journalist, he seeks to reconnect with the living and ancestral cultures. With mentors such as Kim Pasche or Lynx Vilden, he dives heart and soul into the wilderness. He is passionate about survivalism, prehistoric crafts and herbalism.

He now organizes collective wilderness immersion workshops in a caring and safe environment that allows us to find our way to more joy and freedom.

Mika is a founder and organizer of REVES.

Dr. Swan Aylon

Collective accompaniment

Human Permaculture

“Face to face with the other within the living”.

Swan, MDiv, MPhil, PhD (Cantab), has a doctorate in humanities, trained in physical theater at the École Jacques Lecoq and is certified in tantra, yoga and pranayama. He travels the world between arts and spiritualities, always coming back to the body and to simplicity.

Exploring the multiple dimensions of being, Swan opens spaces to find more wonder, awareness and connection. He thus seeks to rediscover the beauty of our shared human animality.

Swan is at the service of the emergence of a new dialogue between art, intimacy and spirituality. He is one of the driving forces of Biophany, a creative, plural and sensitive way of life.

Swan organizes various holistic events and conducts workshops and ceremonies around the world.

Swan is the founder and organizer of REVES.

Type of activities

Wild basketry

Wild plants

Animal connection

Reliance on plants

Indoor ecology

Bodies in motion


Wild Cuisine

The place

Far from the urban agitation, we will find ourselves in the heart of the living. Around the central fire, our base camp will be welcoming while being minimalist.

In order to adapt to the needs and experience of each person, we offer various levels of sleeping comfort:

  1. Under an individual tarp(to be brought by yourself)
  2. Under a collective tarp
  3. In an individual tent (bring your own)
  4. In a large collective tent heated by a stove

The food

The wild cuisine is an integral part of our meeting. Together, we will cook simple, mostly vegan dishes, using as many wild plants as possible and favoring seasonal, organic and local products. We will learn step by step how to familiarize ourselves with wild edible plants while becoming aware of their flavors, colors and textures. It’s a wild treat that’s coming.

The cuisine I like to share is based on a balanced alliance between the wild and the cultivated. In a perpetual impulse to motivate the discovery of our environment, it is important to me to integrate into all meals plants from the spaces that surround us. Wood-fired cooking and foraging are part of my daily life and I want to pass on the technical and creative aspects of these practices.”

– Amandine Santos

Frequently asked questions

In order to facilitate concentration and transmission, the
are held without young children who are not autonomous.

During the
and other meetings, we promote intergenerational sharing and all ages are warmly welcomed.

Dogs are welcome as long as the person accompanying them remains fully responsible for them. It is preferable that they are used to being free outside without going too far from the camp.

We strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone can move at their own pace on their wilderness path. Some of our participants had never slept under the stars while others live in the woods all year long.

The hidden content comes here

Most of the participants are between 25 and 45 years old. That said, we welcome all ages and encourage intergenerationality. Our youngest participant was just one month old and our oldest was 72 years old.

The number of participants varies from a few to a hundred depending on the event. The number of participants is reduced for the trainings. It is somewhat higher for internships and even higher for festivals.

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